Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Shell postings

Ive added a few new photos tonight.
I thought Id have a bit of play with the macro on my camera.
Just wanted to test its limits. I was impressed with how much detail I got out of my little 5 mega pixel camera.
Ive had this collection of amazing shells for ages and tonight I decided to take a few pics.

Monday, June 2, 2008

New postings.

As you can see Ive been busy adding some new creations to my blog. But i haven't necessarily been busy creating .
I don't get much time to do craft at the moment, especially the messy stuff like mosaics or decoupage.
My little darling son keeps me way too busy.
Most of the stuff Ive added today is old stuff that I hadn't got around to posting or had been posted before but the picture wasn't great.
Anyway thanks for looking.

Door hanger.

Black and gold toilet roll holder.

Star and moon toilet roll holder.

Baby Face.

Brother in laws in arms.

Cute as a button.

Ive had this layout posted here before.
I just wanted to replace it with a better picture.