Friday, January 29, 2010

New DT position

I am proud and excited to announce that I am the newest DT member over at
Mystical Scrapbooks.
Mystical is a fantastic online store full of gorgeous products. Mystical also has an awesome forum full of great challenges, inspiration and friendly members so I'm super excited to be able to contribute.
Over the next 12 months I will be able to share some Scrappy creations using some of the great products Mystical stocks so I cant wait for that.
If you haven't checked out Mystical Scrapbooks yet pop over and have a look and if you visit the forum please drop me a line to say 'Hi'. I looking forward to getting to know all the members.

I just want to say a big Thank you to Donna for choosing me for the position.
Shell x

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tysons Mini Album

This is my first ever mini album. Woo Hoo! I'm behind the times again I know. LOL.
I really enjoyed making this and I am already planning one for Jedd.
Its a Kaiser Crafts album and Ive used mostly Collage Press pps, I LOVE this range.
There is also a bit of Websters and some images cut from children's books some Cosmo Cricket and Teresa Colins tags and a 7 Gypsies journal card. I'm loving 7 Gypsies stuff ATM.
That's all I have to share today. I hope you have a FAB weekend. TFL.
Shell x

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Boy.

Here's a LO Ive been trying to finish since Friday night. I had a bit of trouble with this one. DH decided that he wanted to sit at the table and use the computer while I was trying to scrap and well......... It just didn't work for me. Threw me off completely. I guess I'm a creature of habit and as much as I love my darling husband, his presence was sapping my creative mojo. LOL.
Any how this is the end result. It took a while to get it done, between emergency trips to the Mater Children's hospital for dental related disasters and a severe lack of motivation to finish this page.
Can you tell I don't like it?
Any way its finished now. I hate to not finish something.
I have 2 other half done projects on the go at the moment so I guess that's one down.
Just before I go I should let you know that Ive used a Sweet Vintage flower with a
Lil Red Rocket button in the center. TFL.
Shell x

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Heres an idea for ya.

Paint misters......... Have you got any tubes of acrylic paints that are getting a bit old and have started going thick? Well I do and today Tys and I made some paint misters with them. (he likes to shake the bottle)LOL.
Its as easy as putting some water in a clean spray bottle and then squirting in some paint, give it a good shake and TA DA! instant paint mister.
You can use a few colours in the same bottle for a interesting new colour, like my orange one.
The more intense the colour your after the more paint you need to use but keep in mind that the thicker the consistency means you get less of a mist and more of a splatter effect. But hey, I like that look too. Its all trial and error. If your not happy add more paint or water and tip some down the sink if you need to.
I Love the effect these paint mists give. If you've checked out my LOs you may have noticed that I love colour and I sometimes find that glimmer mists are a little too pretty for my LOs so these are perfect for me!
You could always add some perfect pearls or use pearlescent paint if you want some glimmer.
The little spray bottles were only $2.50 for the 3. BARGAIN. I bought them from my local discount store but I'm sure you could find something similar in Price Line or some where like that.
So what do ya think. Now you can have any colour mist your heart desires. TFL
Shell x

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sneak peek!!

OK here's the "heads up". A sneaky for all my blog readers.
I will be listing this pretty little ring in my Madeit store in a day or so but I wanted to show
you first.
I only have 2 of these and I am tempted to keep one for myself. Looks so lovely on.
It has an adjustable ring so It will fit any size finger and the cabochon is a soft mauve colour.
It has a lovely vintage look.
This ring was made to "test the waters" to see how popular they would be before making and listing more in my store.
It will retail at $14.00 AU.
If you are interested in purchasing one and remember I only have 2, please let me know before I load it in my shop. TFL.
Shell x

Sunday, January 10, 2010

More photo shares

Just a few photos I took today to share. Master Tyson looking deceivingly angelic and typically cheeky. LOL. TFL.
Shell x

Saturday, January 9, 2010


I decided that one thing I want to do this year is to take more photos of the little things. You know the day to day stuff. Things the kids can look back on and get more of an understanding about what they were into at a certain age or the quirky things they did.
This LO is about the little Treasures that Tyson likes to find in our garden.
Ive used blue food colouring with just a touch of water to mist the background.
I wanted to keep this LO fairly bold and glimmer mist just couldn't deliver the 'punch' I was looking for.
This LO is nearly all Cosmo Cricket again (Earth Love and Lil Man) with a little bit of 3 Bugs, a Teresa Collins journal tag and a Shabby Chic date circle.
Alphas by basic grey, Thickers and I cant remember what the largest black ones are. I picked them up for $2.99 from Dollars and Cents. Bargain!!
The flower is one of Jodie's Sweet Vintage blooms. Yummy colour eh?
I'm off to buy a new Art Journal today because the kids scribbled all through my last one.
Its OK I hadn't started it.
Ive done a few pages this week I just need to stick them in the new journal when I get it. So maybe Ill have some thing to share later. TFL.
Shell x

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Art Journal Group.

OK so here's the thing, in case you hadn't noticed I can be a little A.R about mt LOs. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to scrapbooking and I cant seem to let go sometimes.
I think I'm out of practice any one who has known me for a long time would tell you that I was always drawing, painting, printing or just creating 'some thing'.
I guess its been a while. You know the whole 'work' then 'family' things just kind of get in the way and stifle the creative flow and well to cut a long story short, I miss it terribly.
Its such a part of me that I feel like if I'm not doing something even slightly creative, my heads been chopped off. LOL.
I cant remember a time that I didn't love being 'arty farty' even as a small child.
That's why scrapbooking has been my saviour these days but as I started telling you, I feel like its sometimes impeding my creative flow. That's OK too but sometimes I just need to let loose and not worry about messing up a page and being frustrated at how much money I just wasted in paper and photo printing for a page that will just end up in the bin cause I cant bare to look at it. OH DEAR. Now I'm rambling.
Any way I have decided the time is right to start a Art Journal its not so much a want but a need. With a fresh new year upon us, full of possibilities I thought Id take the plunge and so I have started a group over at 'The Boxx' where like minded people can share their journals and maybe some tricks, tips and links.
So here's to being Arty and learning, well remembering how to just let go and create something straight from the heart.
Oh and thanks to Sarah Lou for reminding me how much I need to do this.
Shell x

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Heres my DT LO for Out Of The Hat. The criteria this month was fantastic, again.
Striped paper, circles and a one word title.
Ive used only Cosmo cricket on this LO. a first for me. I usually mix and match from a few different manufacturers. I have used 2 different ranges 'earth love' and 'early bird'.
Loooooove Cosmo Cricket. They make the best papers and its amazing how easily a page comes together with their products.
This is my new fav photo of Master Tyson and I couldn't wait to scrap it.
More Kitty Robot goodness too. See the little owl. Cute eh?
Clear Cut Crafts butterfly and of course a Lil Red Rocket button.
Shell x

2010 goals

This is my first LO for Gillys group 2010 in review. Just a few of my many goals and the list keeps growing. LOL.
This is the first time Ive completed a LO about ME. Wow been meaning to do that for so long.
Im so glad I joined Gillys group because now I have a perfect excuse to make my 2010 in review pages more girly. Its hard to do 'pretty' when you are scrapping about 2 boys. LOL.
I cant wait to get stuck into some pink papers. TFL.
Shell x

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Just a photo share.

Ive been taking photos again. Bout time, its been a while. I was just lacking some motivation I guess. Here's a few to share.
I was asked to take some family photos for Hannah and here are the result. Just a couple of my favs.
Doesn't Beautiful little Ruby have the most amazing eyes. She is very photogenic.
And then theres Tys, just messing about in the garden. TFL.
Shell x

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!!

Happy New Year!!!.
I hope you all had a great New Years Eve and I hope you have a fabulous 2010.
I just wanted to share this photo of my sweet Master Tyson. I'm gonna have to scrap this photo for sure. He came racing inside with this sweet little hand picked posie yelling
"Dis for you Mum Mum.'
How could I resist taking a photo. LOL.
Here's a card I made. I need way more practice at cards. Would you believe that it takes me almost as long to make 1 card as it does a whole LO. Oh dear!
I'm not loving this card but I am loving those stamps.
Ive got a few LOs planned one for Gillys 2010 in review on 'The Boxx' and my DT LO for
Out of the hat. The criteria is great this month so stop by and check it out. Bye. TFL.
Shell x