Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My favourite niece

Here's a LO I made just cause.
I felt like doing something with paint and I thought it was about time I tried some thing more girly for a change.
Its OK I'm allowed to call her my favourite. So far she is my only niece and as far as I'm concerned shes the most beautiful little girl in the whole world.
You might be horrified to hear that that large flower was once white and I dyed it red with of all things food colouring. Well I was in a creative frenzy and had no red ink. LOL.
I'm sure its not acid free, but I try not too get hung up on that sort of thing too often.
I was really going for a more textured look for this one. Id still like to have got more texture but It looked finished to me so I thought Id better leave it alone.
OK that's my only LO share for today. Id best get off this computer and do some 'stuff'.
Its a nice breezy day today perfect for washing and drying freshly mopped floors and Ive got a few Etsy orders to fill.
I'm excited to say that I made my first few sales in my Etsy shop last night and my Mumbo Jumbo buttons were featured on the Madeit newsletter. Ive just finished loading a few new hair elastics on Etsy this morning too so If your interested you can check them out by clicking the link to my shop on the right hand side. Bye for now. TFL.
Shell x

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Stacey Young said...

Stunning layout Shell, congrats on your first sales!!! All you buttons are so cute just haven't had a chance to grab some myself yet:)