Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shops back.

Yep the shops back from vacation and I didn't even get a post card, HOW RUDE! LOL.
Well its another glorious day here in beautiful Brisvegas and Im sitting on my back deck typing away and watching Master T play in the sunshine. (Master J is napping.)
He keeps bringing me Little treasures from the garden and saying "dis for wu Mum, Mum. Wu need put it in a pot' (he means vase) including the 'fedar that da bird gave me'. Hehehe.
We've had a few red belly black snakes sighted around the place lately (which includes the one DH almost stepped on. YIKES!) so needless to say I'm a little scared to leave the kids in the yard with out my supervision.
Our house backs up onto a paddock which is lovely especially when the horses come to visit and get their daily rations of carrots but it has it down side too.
DH and all the neighbours mow about 15 meters out in the paddock from their fence to try to keep the snakes down but they still like to come into our yards looking for food or water and a cool place to rest.
I'm a born and bred farm girl (my parents were dairy farmers and horse breeders) but one thing I never got used to was snakes. YUCK!
Oh well I best be off to put my treasures 'in da pot' Bye for now, TFL.
Shell x


Kim said...

woo hoo those car buttons are awesome Addison would absolutely love them

Chloe :-) said...

What a little gem your boy is :-). Yuck to the snakes too!!!

Stacey Young said...

Cutie buttons Shell, oh no, I am so freaked out by snakes too, we have had a couple of browns in our time too......infact all things creeply crawly freak me out:) Tys is too adorable:)

Donna said...

Luv the button and yuk to the snakes!! :)

Chantelle said...

Wow, these buttons are just adorable - so glad I found your blog. Your scrapbook pages are just lovely too. Great work.

Leanne said...

hey you.. yep i'm not a lover of snakes either.. Rodney ran over one the other night coming to get me from work.. and know what you mean about the paddock.. we back onto one as well however he hasnt got any animals in there at the moment and with the rain we've had the grass is taller than me so its real bad and the kids are only allowed near the house.... Ivy always brings flowers infact the daisy bush is de flowered as soon as it gets any.. Kids..gotta love em.. Sugar Baby.