Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Immmmmm baaaaack!

Hello again. Yep Im back, I would have been sooner but our useless internet service provider (who will remain nameless) disconnected our internet only a day after it had been installed.
Any how enough of that.
Sorry I wasn't around to wish every one a Merry Christmas. I hope every one had a lovely Christmas.
We have had a very eventful December with moving house, 2 birthdays, 
Christmas and a broken collar bone.
Yep Jedd has broken his collar bone. To be honest we don't actually know when, exactly hes such a trooper he hasnt complained once and is still running around like a regular crazy two year old.
But we've had the x rays and yes it is most definitely broken clean through, poor baby.
So The trampoline from Nan and pop for Christmas will have to wait until it is healed. 3- 4 weeks the doctor says.

But, you may be wondering whats with the picture^ well, thats my new camera and guess what.......
I won it........ from The Scrapbook Awards, see 2 posts below. YAY!
I must say i was pretty darn happy and as much as I love my SLR it just doesn't quite squeeze in the ol' hand bag so this new one is fantastic!!
I do have some scrapping to share but just not quite yet so Ill be back with that soon but on the scrappy front Im proud to announce that I have signed on for another term as a sketch designer with Creative Scrappers so Im really excited about that.
Im also totally excited about my new scrap room. I have no storage yet and most of my supplies are just in boxes on the floor but my room is really big and couldn't be more perfect so when Ive got it just the way I want it ,Ill share some pictures with you all.
OK Im off to blog hop and find out just how much Ive missed out on. Bye for now. TFL.

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Kim said...

sooooooooo excited to have you back Shell..poor little Jedd, hope he gets better soon, am looking forward to seeing your scrapping I have missed the inspiration

Nay and Gilly said...

OH yay, ur back!! So missed ur happy comments and gorgeous LO's!! Poor Lil' guy!! Hope he stays happy thru the healing process. So glad that u have settled in and I hope ur scrap room starts to resemble the way u want it!!
Luv Renee
PS when u are really settled in, we can so do a rd trip!!

Leanne said...

oh oh oh.. yay your back.. and doh about the collar bone..now Jedd and Ivy are matching... it didnt surprise me how much ivy managed to do with her arm in that sling..
anyho. so glad everything has gone well... miss you heaps..and I'm with Renee.. ROAD TRIP....

lots of love and sugar....

Leanne said...

Welcome back!!! Hee! Hope you had a smooth move and a fabulous Xmas. Hope also your little man heals fast!

Felicity said...

great to read a blog post, we have missed you :))))
sounds like you have been super busy. Poor little man with the broken collar bone :(((
congrats on the sketch spot too :)))
cant wait to see your room and some creations.
Happy new year

Chloe :-) said...

Hi Shell!! Soooooo excited to 'see' you back :-) MISSED you!!! Poor little Jedd, hope he's all healed quickly. Congrats on the sketch spot :-) and can't wait to see your work again :-)