Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thank you we are fine.

Yes we are fine. Thank you to every one who has left messages worried about our safety.
I am so grateful that all my scrappy friends are safe and well too. It has been a very worrying time.
Luckily we moved from Brisbane just before Christmas. Our old house was effected by the floods to what degree we are still unsure but we are safe here in our new home on the Sunshine Coast so we are very grateful.
I want to say so much about how the Queensland floods have made me feel but to be honest I am at a loss for words.
I just feel so incredibly sad for every one whom has been effected that I just cant begin to express it.
I watched the tv for the ongoing reports for 3 days solid. bearly able to tear myself away as I think the magnitude of it all was too great to take in.
My heart aches for all those people whom have lost property, work places, businesses, pets, live stock but most of all loved ones.
So needless to say my mojo has left me and I have found it incredibly hard to be creative.
I will have some thing to share soon if your interested so stay tuned.
If you would like to extend a helping hand to the people effected by the floods here in QLD HERE is a fantastic place to start. Please take a look. TFL.

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Jenny said...

glad to know you are safe.

Nay and Gilly said...

so lucky you guys got out of that house! We were completely fine here but have been coordinating a huge clean up effort of helpers within the c3 churches Australia and have had people from as far as Tassie sent teams to help! Tim and I got out in it during the week and the devastation is unbelievable, but people still have hope so things are looking up already!! So glad you guys are safe!! Luv Renee

Leanne J said...

man that was lucky.. your stars were obviously lined up just right.and the decision to start in a new town was the right one.. woot woot...
cant wait to see you.. and i hope that your mojo returns soon.

Cathy said...

So glad you are safe Shell... very lucky to have moved house when you did! We got through unscathed also as we live on higher ground, but neighbouring suburbs of Norman Park and Coorparoo were not so lucky.