Sunday, June 28, 2009

All Boy LO.

Hey there
Well as you can see below. I have just posted another LO. All Boy.
This ones a little busier than my usual style but it was great fun, so maybe its a sign of things to come.
I have done a little bit of stamping on this LO. Its not my strongest point I'm afraid to say, but i need more practice so I gave it a go.
My cousin is a wiz at stamping and her cards are so beautiful. Here's a link to her blog
My Time 2 Create
Check her out. Shes very clever.
All pp used for this LO is from Kaiser Crafts. Cant get enough of Kaiser Craft paper. I always seem to gravitate towards Kaiser stuff and its the one brand I'm almost guaranteed to leave my LSS with every time. Not to mention its a great name. We used to have a dog called Kaiser (RIP ol' boy) who we still miss terribly.
Any way as I was saying Kaiser Craft rocks! What I wouldn't give to visit their outlet in Geelong.
Have a look, its amazing.
The pp I chose for this LO are from the Skull Boi and K Bots range.
The photo is sepia but I thought the colour lended it self well to the orange tones in the pp and card stock. Not to mention that my album was starting to look decidedly blue. It needed a colour injection.
So hopefully in the future you will see a more diverse colour palette in my pages and less blue.
Its too easy to stick to blue when you have 2 boys.
OK well that's about it so its over and out from me. TFL
Shell x

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