Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Today I came across the most amazing and truly beautiful project and it has really touched my heart in such a way that I wanted to share it with you all too.
Its called THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT and you can learn more about it HERE.
I wont say too much because I couldn't possibly put it into words as beautifully as Trudi has HERE on her BLOG Please pop on over and join along with me in the BUTTERFLY EFFECT. TFL.


Donna said...

wow Shell this is such a beautiful thing to do!...I'm join as well :)

Elise said...

Thankyou for showing me this link Michelle. I am going to send a couple of buterflies too as I visited the Holocaust Museum in Israel this year and saw the childrens museum which was beautiful but eerie. In an underground room there is mirrored walls and a single flame that reflects all over the room and the names of the children that died (on record) were constantly read out. That is all. I think it is enough.

Thanks again.

Heather Jacob said...

absolutely wonderful.. thanks for sharing this link.. you are gorgeous . hugs from me x
congrats on being a winner at KIU :)