Friday, November 5, 2010

The Temper Trap - Fader

I don't have any thing scrappy to share today. But, here's a song that I just cant get out of my head at the moment. LOOOOOVE The Temper Trap (gotta love a good Aussie band) and besides it was a good excuse to try out my new signature.
Hope your finding some creative time.
Ive been doing more shopping for scrapping stuff than creating lately. DOH!
Hopefully Ill have some thing to share over the week end. TFL.
blog signature


Leanne said...

OMGosh!! I LOVE your banner!! How can I get you to do one for me???! LOL! ;P

Your new signature is pretty awesome too!

Elise said...

I too love Temper Trap and have been doing more shopping than scrapping! The Dollar atm is just too good to resist!LOL!!:)

mel said...

love the new look blog - very cool
love this song too - now its stuck in my head!!
Head on over to my blog for a little treat for you

Lauren said...

The Temper Trap rock!! Fabulous choice :)
Your new signature is gorgeous...very clever! :) x

Kim said...

tee hee Leanne took the words right out of my mouth...THAT SIGNATURE TOTALLY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so sad to say I didnt know that song until now...pretty cool, looking forward to Tuesday I hope you are

Leanne J said...

yep yep.. awesome band.. glad to know who actually sings that i usually get to know songs but have no idea who sings
and awesome signature.. wowzers you are digitally creative arent you...
boy i'm goin to miss you...

Heather Jacob said...

wow I love your new look blog.. fabulous shell .. I am very new to bloging and have a great deal to learn .. Oh well I guess I will slowly learn ????
catchy music !! :)
hugs x