Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Just mucking around with Picnik.

Hey there lovely people. Ive been messing around with Picnik today. I don't have the full version I've just been using the free stuff.
Just testing it out to see what it can do. Here's some examples. Not a bad little program really. You can do some interesting things for free.
There are some really cool new applications too if you purchase the premium version.
Now you can change the colour of your eyes, make yourself thinner give your self a tan and iron out those wrinkles......... Hmmm, I think I could use a little of all of those. LOL.
Super easy program to use. So if your not confident with Photo shop maybe Picnik is for you.`
I am on a scrapbook diet for the next week or so. Still trying to get that canvas finished for an up coming birthday and as usual Ive left it til the last minute. And don't you know it, those perfect embellishments Ive hunted high and low for and couldn't find.........well I found them only I'm cutting it a bit close to get them delivered in time. DOH!
Oh well we will just have to see what I can come up with. Hope it works out OK.
Ill post a pic when its done.
OK I should go. Hope your all having a good 'hump day'. Oh and before you go would you mind feeding my new hampster, Thanks. LOL. TFL.
Shell x

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Kim Strother said...

Not familiar with this program...but I adore the photos of your little one. Especially the last one!! Hope you're having a good week. I see you have 2 followers now...I knew other would follow you too!!!