Thursday, September 3, 2009

Our Little Star

This LO is a quite a simple one. I dont usually do simple. I feel like I have to keep adding things because it never seems finished.
Saying that I do love simple LOs and really admire scrappers that can do them well. I just have trouble doing them myself.
I have however kept this fairly simple because the colours and papers are quite striking.
I was watching a video on the Internet the other week about developing your style. It got me thinking. What is my style, do I have one. After having a look back at my LOs, this is what I discovered.
*I usually like to use at least 3 different patterned papers and a plain card stock back ground.
*I also like to use chip board alphas or Thickers (loving those ATM) for my titles and I especially like black in my title.
*I like to try to pick a colour in my pp that matches a colour in my photo, unless its B&W.
*For some reason I think that a B&W photo needs a black title.
*I like to see some dimension on my pages but Id love to try to get more.
*But you may have noticed the Kindy Glitz again. I just cant seem to do a LO with out that stuff lately.
I need to lock it away some where so I cant get to it! LOL.
*I also like my LOs to be slightly off centered. Whether its the photo slightly to the left or closer to the bottom or maybe on a slight angle. I don't like things slap bang in the middle of my page.
Sorry if this post bored you to tears. LOL.
I personally found it kind of interesting to have a good think about. And I never really thought I had a style but now I'm starting to think maybe I do. Even though I feel like Im still a learner and have a loooooong way to go.
Any way, just some food for thought. Have a go yourself if your not sure about your style. You might be surprised. TFL.
Shell x


Jodi said...

Hi SHell

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!
I love your blog! Love your layouts... especially this "So called" simple layout!!!
Looks awesome!! Love the kindy glitz!! Jodi XX

Kim Strother said...

Hey Shell- I don't think this layout looks simple at all. Maybe it was simple to create, but the colors and little details make it very pulled together layout. And by the way I don't believe you are a beginner either!!

I also have tried to ask myself if I have a "style" and I have decided I am an ecletic scraper. I have a girl and a I like everything from pink and girly- full of flowers, to worn, dirty, hinged boy pages and of course everything in between.

Have a great week!

Lynn Biermann said...

Wonderful work! I love the stars & fantastic colors! I know how you feel about finding your "Style". I still do not know if I found it LOL! great work!