Thursday, September 10, 2009

Take Care Of Me Thursday!

Here's a couple of things I made my beautiful sister for her birthday. She loves green and when I saw these Pandora beads (Ive used on the earrings) I just new they were the exact colour green that my Sis likes.
The Gypsy style bracelet is made from all glass or metal beads and has a really nice weight to it and makes the prettiest sound when worn, thanks to those little silver coins.
I haven't had much time for beading lately, scrapbooking has become my first (craft) love.
I only ever seem to make things for other people. One day I might actually get around to making something for myself. Maybe today. Why not?. Just got to get on top of that house work first. LOL.
I hope you all get a little time today to do something special for your self. I know we all deserve it! We spend so much time looking after those special people in our live that some times we forget about us. HOW RUDE! lol.
Well I think we need to remedy this by making Thursdays. 'Take care of me day'. I'm going to try to do something special for me every Thursday. Maybe it will be some thing little like painting my toe nails or having a really long bath, a Nana nap, making something just for me or buying something special.
Some times I think we need a little reminding to take care of us. So every Thursday I will post about what I did for me. Hopefully that will give me the push to make time for me too.
What have you done for your self lately..... hmmmm food for thought? I challenge you to join my little quest! Let me know or post on your blog what you did for you. Doesn't have to be Thursdays. Pick a day that suits you best. But make it one day a week. You deserve it!
Bye for now and don't forget, take care of you! That's an order. LOL. TFL.
Shell x


Shazza said...

Hi Shell,

You have done some great layouts, your work is very eye catching.

I got your comment on ARTastic =

"Hi Shazza.
Why havent I found this awesome challenge blog before. This is so great. It incorporates 2 of my favourite things. Art and scrapbooking. Ill definately be giving this a go soon.
Thanks for the blog love too. I love to get visitors.
Shell x"

Would love it, if you would submitt an entry, that would be awesome!

....and If you become a follower of the challenge site you will get all the updates..Cheers Shazza

Kim Strother said...

The jewelry is beautiful. You should sell it, really!! Start an etsy shop!!

Sarah Lou said...

These are beautiful! found you surfing scrapbooking blogs. Loving your work!