Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Heres an idea for ya.

Paint misters......... Have you got any tubes of acrylic paints that are getting a bit old and have started going thick? Well I do and today Tys and I made some paint misters with them. (he likes to shake the bottle)LOL.
Its as easy as putting some water in a clean spray bottle and then squirting in some paint, give it a good shake and TA DA! instant paint mister.
You can use a few colours in the same bottle for a interesting new colour, like my orange one.
The more intense the colour your after the more paint you need to use but keep in mind that the thicker the consistency means you get less of a mist and more of a splatter effect. But hey, I like that look too. Its all trial and error. If your not happy add more paint or water and tip some down the sink if you need to.
I Love the effect these paint mists give. If you've checked out my LOs you may have noticed that I love colour and I sometimes find that glimmer mists are a little too pretty for my LOs so these are perfect for me!
You could always add some perfect pearls or use pearlescent paint if you want some glimmer.
The little spray bottles were only $2.50 for the 3. BARGAIN. I bought them from my local discount store but I'm sure you could find something similar in Price Line or some where like that.
So what do ya think. Now you can have any colour mist your heart desires. TFL
Shell x


Jessica said...

great idea...i am totally going to try it!

Stacey Young said...

oh, you are too clever Shell, yes, will definately do this one!!!! Hope your sweet boys are well:) I know, Cooper is getting so grown up, he will be 3 in a month and a bit!

Chloe :-) said...

Fantastic idea!!! Will give it a go - just need to find some spray bottles :-)

Sarah Lou said...

my home made ones are my favourite sprays in the world, ive also used food colouring. just remember to swirl not shake so you dont get paint lodged in the tubes. Gold and silver paints aslo help for a bit of sparkle, one of my favs is a black food colouring one with gold paint, leaves a beautiful goldish depth to the black

elena said...

Gran idea!!!

Nay and Gilly said...

I might have to have a go, Thanks Shell!

Petrina McDonald said...

ooohhh...that is a good idea!!!!

caroline hancock said...

I'm going to buy some wee spray bottles for this as i have lots of paint lying in my scrap drawer unused also love sarah lous idea of the black and gold, will try that too

Amanda said...

Thanks for the tip!! Will give that a go for sure!