Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Boy.

Here's a LO Ive been trying to finish since Friday night. I had a bit of trouble with this one. DH decided that he wanted to sit at the table and use the computer while I was trying to scrap and well......... It just didn't work for me. Threw me off completely. I guess I'm a creature of habit and as much as I love my darling husband, his presence was sapping my creative mojo. LOL.
Any how this is the end result. It took a while to get it done, between emergency trips to the Mater Children's hospital for dental related disasters and a severe lack of motivation to finish this page.
Can you tell I don't like it?
Any way its finished now. I hate to not finish something.
I have 2 other half done projects on the go at the moment so I guess that's one down.
Just before I go I should let you know that Ive used a Sweet Vintage flower with a
Lil Red Rocket button in the center. TFL.
Shell x


Stacey Young said...

oh no, which one hurt themselves, hope you guys are okay..... I can't believe you don't like looks fabulous. I know what you mean about hubs coming in on your scrap am the same:)
Good luck with getting the next 2 layouts finished asap:)

Sarah Lou said...

Oh how can you not like it? Im in loveeeeeee!! that is stunning.
I hate dental related disasters. Hope all is well!

Chloe :-) said...

Oh dear, what happened!! Hope you are all ok now :-).

The LO is gorgeous as always Shell!! Love the flower/button and the border looks fab :-)

Tamara said...

Hope the boys are ok?

You may not like the layout, but I LOVE it!!


Anonymous said...

What? why don't you like it? I love the cluster of fruit and buttons and things its brilliant. Love the pp

Amanda said...

I'm with them /\ .... I LOVE it too!!! Maybe it just didn't turn out the way you had first envisioned but it is still gorgeous!! Submit it .... dare ya!! hehehe