Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Art Journal Group.

OK so here's the thing, in case you hadn't noticed I can be a little A.R about mt LOs. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to scrapbooking and I cant seem to let go sometimes.
I think I'm out of practice any one who has known me for a long time would tell you that I was always drawing, painting, printing or just creating 'some thing'.
I guess its been a while. You know the whole 'work' then 'family' things just kind of get in the way and stifle the creative flow and well to cut a long story short, I miss it terribly.
Its such a part of me that I feel like if I'm not doing something even slightly creative, my heads been chopped off. LOL.
I cant remember a time that I didn't love being 'arty farty' even as a small child.
That's why scrapbooking has been my saviour these days but as I started telling you, I feel like its sometimes impeding my creative flow. That's OK too but sometimes I just need to let loose and not worry about messing up a page and being frustrated at how much money I just wasted in paper and photo printing for a page that will just end up in the bin cause I cant bare to look at it. OH DEAR. Now I'm rambling.
Any way I have decided the time is right to start a Art Journal its not so much a want but a need. With a fresh new year upon us, full of possibilities I thought Id take the plunge and so I have started a group over at 'The Boxx' where like minded people can share their journals and maybe some tricks, tips and links.
So here's to being Arty and learning, well remembering how to just let go and create something straight from the heart.
Oh and thanks to Sarah Lou for reminding me how much I need to do this.
Shell x


Sarah Lou said...

Lol thanks for linking to me! Enough was enough here as well! My story is a lot like yorus, except add in an artist mother and sister, I never felt good enough to do Arty, so this is my chance to be worry free and create!!! Ill be heading over to the boxx to check out your group!!

Chloe said...

Good luck on your arty journey :-)

Kim Strother said...

Girl you need to just let go and enjoy the process! Be messy, cut, paste, just have fun! But that being said I too get the creative juice sucked right out of my when I pressure myself. We just have to breath deep and relax. enjoy!

kathie said...

Great idea. Making art is about the enjoyment of it. I try to remember that too, when I'm feeling pressured by some deadline or expectation or other. A journal that's just for you to experiment in sounds a wonderful idea!

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :)