Friday, December 4, 2009

My Beautiful boys.

Hi all. Ive been messing around with Picnik again, but this time Ive used the Premium version.
So much cool stuff on the Premium program. I was up til midnight messing around with some photos and could have been up way longer if my eyeballs hadn't been hanging out of their sockets. LOL.
Here's just 2. The close up of Jedd was done using Picnik and a bit from Picasa. I wanted his eyes to really pop and be the focus of this image. I could get lost in those big saucer eyes of his.
Check out the one of Tys. What a poser. He gets that from his Dad. He did have tomato sauce all over his face in the original (he gets that from his Dad too lol.) Can you tell?LOL. TFL.
Shell x

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Chloe :-) said...

Stunning pics Shell!! Can't wait to see them scrapped ;-)