Thursday, August 5, 2010

Heres what Ive been up to.

Yep Ive been designing a few sketches. I have set a sketch challenge over at Mystical for the cyber crop tomorrow night and I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for so I decided to have a crack at making one myself.
Its not this one but Ill show you the Mystical one after Friday.
This one ,I just made for a bit of fun. What'd ya think?
If you like it please feel free to use it if you want and don't forget to tell me if you do, Id love to see it.
Ive also been doing a bit of this^. Just a sneak today because its not finished.
Thanks to Moira for the gorgeous ribbon that she sent me in a RAK. I knew the minute I saw it that it was perfect for this page.
Im still 'getting to know' this page. I don't love it yet but maybe once its got a title on there it might all come together. MAYBE?
Well Im off to finish my washing in the BRAND, SPANKING NEW washing machine my AWESOME parents bought me YAY! Who'd of ever thought washing could be so much fun. hehe.
And then its on to more Lil' Red Rocket orders and packs for the DT girls. TFL.


Chantelle said...

Awesome sketch Shell, I reakon I would use that one - will let you know for sure.
LOVED receiving my button order this week - lots of little surprises - thanks so much - look forward to seeing more buttons in the shop soon xx

Kim said...

beautiful beautiful sketch I think I will be borrowing taht one, am lookingforward to my DT pack I played last night with one of your flowers...cant wait to show you!PS that sneaky loooks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leanne said...

agree with the girls.. that sneaky looks and i really really cant wait for my pack.. and i have started a lo with some LRR products.. will be getting the pic tomorrow off of Tracey..cant wait to play... oh and i have to make a cake for Tarj bday and apparently be a model for Tracey photo assignment.. {i hate photos} anyho.. lots of love an sugar.

Chloe :-) said...

Oh what a gorgeous sketch!!! And that sneak takes my breath away .... soooooooo lovely :-) can't wait to see the rest now!!! Yay on your new washing machine!! LOL