Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A sad post..

Well Im still here, Ive just been really busy with Lil Red Rocket stuff.
I do have 2 new LOs but I cant share them yet cause ones for the Mystical CYBER CROP (Ill be back later with more about that) and the other one will be published later in the year on Scrapstreet.
But I refuse to go an entire week with out a post so I thought Id tell you a little about whats been happening in the Easily Distracted house this week so far.
Some sad new first.

On Sunday be lost our beautiful B. Unfortunately she had a rather violent death.
Dear little B was happily playing in her cage on the back deck enjoying some fresh air and sunshine when a nasty old butcher bird decided that she looked rather tasty and grabbed her by her toe and tried to pull her out of her cage through the bars.
Well he didn't get her but he did make off with one of her toes and so consequently the shock killed her.
Poor little B we are all sad and miss her and her cheerful singing terribly.

Paul and the boys buried her under a shady tree in our back yard and Tys has been leaving flowers by her head stone daily, ever since. Tyson keeps asking when she will wake up. So, its been a very sad start to the week.

And while we are on the subject of fur (or in this case feathery and scaly) friends, I thought Id introduce you to
Big Baz.

Basil lives in our garden and he is a VERY big boy. Hes over a meter long and very cheeky.

Hes fantastic company When I sit on the back deck and make buttons or scrapbook and he likes to share my lunch. As you can see.

He waits patiently at the bottom of the steps and nods his big fat head at me til I throw him some food. LOL.
We all love him but I think Jeddy loves him most cause Jedd is obsessed with Dinosaurs and tells me 'Badil a dinsaur'. Very Cute.
OK thats all for now. Thanks for stopping by, next time Ill be back with some scrappy stuff. See you soon. TFL.


Marelize said...

Oh Shell, I'm sorry to hear your sad news about poor little B's death. One get so attached to your pets that its always sad when they're no longer there. Hope things get better for you soon and that you'll find some time to relax a little.
Take care.

Zoe said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear of little B passing away. Butcher birds are terrible like that. I have heard they will come to the cage edge and starte at the bird to put them in a tance of some kind. So very sad. :( Will be thinking of you and the boys. hugs xxoo

amanda73 said...

sorry to hear of the loss of your little B, hope things improve in your haouse and some happiness comes your way

Stacey Young said...

So sorry to hear you guys lost your pet bird.....what a sad story. My goodness look at the size of that lizard, I would be scared of it...Take care xo

Leanne said...

oh no... HUGS>.... but i do love the headstone.. and yep they do keep asking for ages.. we lost liz in jan and Tarj still asks about her everytime we drive past the vet but he is now saying that she is star and we can see her everynight...
oh and i love the lizard how cute...

Sar said...

Ohhhh poor B, thats awful. :(