Thursday, July 2, 2009

July is here!

Well July is upon us and I have a lot of things I want to achieve this month, so I thought Id post them here.
Hopefully this will help to remind me and encourage me to 'get it done'.

1) Be a better House Wife. (I'm easily distracted and its a daily battle. LOL).
2) Complete Tysons' 'you rock' LO which I started last year. COMPLETED!
3) Get Tyson to eat more veggies (wish me luck. Ill need it).
4) do some OTP projects.
5) Make some more cards for up coming birthdays.
6) Practice using more stamps and try some new techniques.
7) Bake more.
8) Try to get more early nights (Yeah right!).
9) Create a LO about me at 33.( something Ive always wanted to try and a good excuse to use up some girly pp).
10) Get out doors to take more photos (weather permitting).

OK That's my list of 10. Stay tuned to see if I manage to complete them all. If I don't you have my permission to give me a hard time.
Well I'm off now to try to do more of the first thing on my list.
Shell x

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