Tuesday, October 6, 2009

All the kids together

Its been so nice to have all the cousins together again. I know Tys misses his big cousins a lot.
We've had a wonderful couple of days and their visit was over way too quick.
My Mum, sister, 86 year old Nan and my two handsome nephews and my beautiful little niece have all returned to Adelaide now.
I took these photos on Sunday. We had a lovely afternoon exploring the Roma street park lands in Brissy.
It was so nice to all be together again and sadly I realize how much my kids are missing out on not living closer to their cousins. They don't have any cousins her in Brissy and that makes me sad.
I guess that means we will have to make a real effort to travel down to SA when ever possible.
I had no idea that my Nan was coming, It was a total surprise but such a lovely one. I couldn't help but burst into tears when I saw her and then I couldn't stop laughing. I think I was in shock. ha ha.
Its the first time my Nan has ever even been on a plane. How special do I feel!
Anyway I just wanted to share these pics I took. I will treasure these photos of my kids with my sisters 3 until the next time I see them. They grow up way too fast.
Heres a poem that says it all......
Oh, tell me, please tell me, is there a trick
to get cousins to sit still, even real quick?
One giggles, one wiggles, one tugs on another.
One crawls, one tickles, then they pile on each other.
At the end of the day, when all's said and done,
taking pictures with cousins, is way too much fun!
Author Beth Rogers.
Shell x

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