Thursday, October 1, 2009

I cant believe it!

OK this LO might look familiar. I'm posting it again because this was my entry in the September 'Out of the hat challenge' and guess what I won the public choice. WOW!
I could hardly believe my eyes when I read it HERE I had to go back and read it a couple more times just to make sure. LOL.
I love the fact that it was voted for by other entrants and followers, I consider it a huge compliment.
There were so many fantastic entries and a record number too. If you haven't had a look before you should pop over and check it out HERE.
There are some fantastic prizes up for grabs.
Octobers challenge is a doosie. But that's why they call it a challenge.
You may have noticed the blog make over AGAIN. Just to confuse you. Sorry Ive got to stop doing that.
I just couldn't settle on a background that I was really happy with. This new one is totally me.
If you've checked out my LOs you may have noticed that I like to use spots, stripes and lots of colour, so I'm loving this new background. I think its gonna stay for a while.
OK that's all for now. TFL.
Shell x


Stacey Young said...

Congrats Michelle, that's awesome and such a beautiful lo!!

Sarah Lou said...

Congratulations! Im glad you won! you deserved it,

Kim Strother said...

Hey Shell- congrats on your layout and Happy Birthday to your little one. Looks like you've had a busy week!!
Hope all is well!! Enjoy your weekend! xoxo-Kim

Shell said...

Thanks guys! xx